October 10, 2014

Wait Till You See The List Of Demands In Ferguson, MO From These Radical Marxist New Black Panthers

What has happened in Ferguson, Missouri is tragic. Not only is the death of Michael Brown tragic, but the way the community is responding is just as tragic. We do not know all of the facts surrounding how Brown was shot. Although unarmed, the situation is being framed as if the officer in question simply drew his gun and shot Brown. But, that may not be the case.

 It’s possible that Brown was shot during a struggle with the officer as there have been reports that he was trying to take the officer’s gun. But, facts don’t matter to race hustlers and people seeking an excuse to rob, steal, and race bait. They are jumping to conclusions and reacting in ways that are both inappropriate and dangerous.

The community has gone so wild that one would think they are in a war-torn area. People are rioting, looting, stealing, burning down business, destroying personal property, shooting at police and news helicopters, and threatening the lives and property of others. The shakedown artist himself, Al Sharpton, is on his way to do his shakedown artist act before the camera with a list of demands. Mind you, he is not demanding that the community calm down, act rationale, and stop the violence. No, he is demanding vigilante justice before all the facts are in.

And Sharpton isn’t the only one with a list of demands. The New Black Panthers have arrived on the scene with their own demands in which they play judge, jury, and executioner prior to any investigation being conducted.

The New Black Panthers and Al Sharpton do not want answers. They do not want to know the truth for the truth they hear may just impact their race baiting antics. No, they want vigilante justice at any and all costs.

Take a close look at the groups partnering with the New Black Panthers in their list of demands and street justice.

Will Eric Holder, who self-identifies as an activist attorney general, intervene to ensure an outcome that will help him and Barack Obama with their continued attempts to divide the country on racial lines?


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