October 20, 2014

Obama, New World Order Using Chemtrails to Spread Ebola

Agents of the New World Order (NWO) have launched an international campaign to widen viral Ebola infection zones in Western Africa by using chemtrail spreading aircraft. After secret talks with President Obama, it was decided that a population management plan was agreed to by the two entities, both of whom have similar goals, population control through reduction. Read this to mean “enslavement” for members of the rank and file.

The Ebola virus (EBOV) causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF), deadly for humans and nonhuman primates, with a death rate as high as 90%. Infection from EBOV can occur through direct contact with bodily secretions or blood from an infected individual; however evidence of aerosol transmission has been reported in laboratory conditions. It is this aspect of the virus that has been exploited by the NWO scientists.

A highly evolved strain of the deadly virus was cultivated in petri dishes by sublime scientists in secret NWO Laboratories under the most top secret of conditions.

The recent epidemic in the Western Africa nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia has killed over 3,000.

The National Science Academy of the United States, along with the government of the State of Texas

have recently denied Ebola cases and are attempting to calm the growing fears of the public at large. Their press briefings have come under increased scrutiny by this and other investigative news sources as data to the contrary keeps arriving. The news of increased chemtrail activity over the infected area raises concerns over diabolical intent from the international community.

A recent upswing in chemtrail activity in Western Africa was determined to have begun just 18 hours after US science and technology department representatives visited the area and conferred with Liberian Government officials in meetings that were closed to the press. Rumors circulate of a secret conference call between the New World Order, Obama, and former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeldt, who is a chemistry expert and signatory of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

World health Agency workers have been removed from the areas covered by the chemtrail spraying in much the same manner that Obama uses FEMA to manage the population. Already, there are reports of concentration camps being built just outside the chemtrail activity perimeter to house stragglers and enslave refugees.

It is believed that the New World Order has plans to institute a fascistic one world government. A highly orchestrated and covert plan to destroy liberty, subvert local autonomy, and enslave the population by using biogenetic and chemical procedures is suspected by many. Their filthy handprints are all over the Ebola Epidemic.

 Fears are rising that a successful extermination of the Liberian and Seirra Leone Population through chemtrail launched Ebola infection is just the first step. The New World Order has reportedly visited areas of the Middle East and Asia for feasibility studies for future campaigns.


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